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"A-4L Throttle Assembly"

A-4L Throttle Assembly
Tony Yaeger, an aviation parts collector, sent the Association some photos asking for an id on the below throttle assembly. The results of the investigation are:
The Alfa and Bravo had a protected "Air Start" Switch, but not in the configuration shown here.
The Charlie had the "Air Start" Switch but the presence of a "Spoiler" Switch rules out the Charlie.
The "Comm - Mike" Switch configuration rules out the Mike and the T Birds.
The presence of a "Air Start" Switch rules out the Echo and Foxtrot. And there is no "Nose Wheel Steering" Switch, that also rules out the Foxtrot.
Since the Lima was a reworked Charlie, with spoilers retrofitted, this throttle fits the criteria for a A-4Lima.

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