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Attack Pilot's Creed

Attack Pilot's Creed

Seen at VA-55 (72-73) by Denny Sapp
I am an Attack Pilot.

I will do my utmost to impress those around me that single-handedly I almost destroyed the Than Hoa bridge.

When amongst other pilots, I promise to use such terms as Rockeye, Shrike, Walleye, and if ladies are present, shall occasionally in a solemn, but nonetheless casual manner, say "Nuke".

I shall always approach the bar whenever crowded and loudly state that although I may never be able to win a hassle, no one will ever get a shot at me.

I shall never give succor or carry on long conversations with civilians, old ladies, or fighter pilots.

When a fighter pilot approaches my table, I promise to chug my drink, eat my glass, and while his back is turned, tell my date that he has VD.

I promise never to let other pilots forget that off the Cat I must descend to cruising altitude, that I can attack Russia undetected and that I have more Air Medals than I care to mention.

Whenever in the presence of fighter pilots I shall scoff at night carrier landings and fuel conservation.

After every bombing mission I promise to confirm my wingman's secondaries and to swear that a span was dropped. If SAM's were fired I shall debrief that it was not necessary for the fighters to break because the missiles were obviously unguided. Upon return to the ship I will make every effort to enter the break ahead of a section of fighters, and dump fuel all the way to the 180.

While taxiing clear of the gear I promise to casually place my right arm on the canopy railing and frequently use my left to wave at pilots walking to the island.

With these objectives in mind I shall terrorize the bars of WESTPAC and one day, just for the hell of it, I'll split from 50,000 feet and go supersonic.

Author unknown

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