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A tradition has evolved over a century of Naval Aviation "Happy Hour" story telling, - that is that Naval Aviation Stories DO NOT start with "Once upon a time".
Naval Aviation Happy Hour Stories start with "This Is No Sh_t", or "TINS" for short. If you have a "TINS story to tell, contact [email protected]
So in the finest tradition of the Sea Aviation Service, join us now for absolutely true TINS TALES. But be aware, could be some salty dialogue ahead.

Last Addition on 11 DEC 2012

08 DEC 2012:
In 1970-72' I was an Instructor in VT-23 flying TA-4's at NAS Kingsville,TX. Coors beer had just become available in north Texas and was a premium commodity in south Texas. Since the TA-4 had no radar installed, the hinged, upward opening radome was empty.The space inside would accommodate about six cases of beer. Shepard AFB,in Wichita Falls,TX, a source location of the coveted Coors, became a favorite destination for out- and- back student instrument cross countries. So,in search of this nectar, I took a student up to Shepard in the back seat, under the hood. After parking on the transient line, I requested transportation to the O Club. When asked my reason for going there,I replied,"for Coors,of course." Transportation was denied by order of the base commander, so I asked "will you take us there for lunch?" and it was done. At the club, we had lunch, went into the liquor store, bought two cases each and called a base taxi. When the taxi arrived, the driver saw the beer and refused to transport us. We carried our beer about a mile back to the transient line. The explanation was this: a couple of months before our visit, a TA-4 loaded with beer commenced takeoff at Shepard. At about eighty knots,t he nose cone came unlatched and flew open,obscuring the pilot's vision. He promptly aborted takeoff, commenced heavy braking and spewed six cases of Coors onto the only runway, fouling it and closing the field for about two hours. Base flight training was secured and several studs had to be diverted to other bases - which is a BIG deal to the USAF Training Command! About three years ago, I spent a night at Shepard and met the Commanding Officer, a BG, at Happy Hour. He got a real kick out of this story.

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