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While standing watch as the Squadron Duty Officer at VT-26, Beeville, TX, we used to look for anything to relieve the boredom. Occasionally a student would check in on base frequency after startup, then forget to switch and ask for a clearance from what they thought was Chase Clearance. One day we hit the mother lode, when our squadron CO forgot to switch his radio, and calls what he thinks is clearance while sitting in his T-2C Buckeye jet.
[distinctive voice of CO on radio]
CO: Clearance, XYZ, ready to copy
Me as SDO: Roger, XYZ, your cleared to Rome via Nome as filed, climb and maintain FL 650, execute the Hialuah 121 departure, intercept the 370 radial off of the Foobar tacan, contact departure 123.4

[long pause, CO wasn't really listening, thinks up excuse to ask clearance to repeat]

CO: Clearance, you were stepped on, say again.
SDO: Roger, you're cleared as filed via the Hyatuke 385 departure, beware of nesting raptors at the departure end, noise abatement in effect within 100 mile radius, request you climb to 5,000 feet by departure end of runway, departing aircraft reports TACAN anomaly on the 150 at 35, winds 160 at 100, you're cleared for hover taxi, takeoff spot 5.

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