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NAS South Weymouth

South Weymouth, MA

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  • Black Mac's Killers

  • 1941: facilities purchased.
  • 30 SEP 1997 NAS South Weymouth closed.

Air Wings
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Commanding Officers
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  • 1941:
    The Navy acquired the site for use a "Lighter than Air" Facility for patroling the North Atlantic during WWII.

  • 1945:
    South Weymouth facility closed at the end of WWII.

  • 1953:
    Navy reopened the South Weymouth facility.
    Nomans Land Island was the bombing range associated with Naval Air Station South Weymouth, Mass.
    The 628-acre island, located 2.7 miles from Martha's Vineyard, was used for ordance delivery exercises.

  • July 29, 1963
    Lt. Robert Hamft broke both legs and received internal injuries when he ejected from his burning A-4B BuNo 144993 over the Hueco Mountains late yesterday enroute from Lemoore to Dallas. The A4D exploded after he ejected and the wreckage landed 17 miles east of the Hueco Inn on U.S. Highway 62-180.
    El Paso, TX El Paso Herald-Post, Tuesday, July 30, 1963

  • September 12, 1963
    Lt. William Gerety ejected from A4D-2 BuNo 142779 following a lightening strike over Brooklyn, NY
    Kingsport, TN The Kingsport Times, Friday, September 13, 1963

  • March 7, 1965
    Lt. William H. Gerety, Jr. in A-4B Buno 144911 perished in a radar ground controlled approach at NAS South Weymouth, MA.
    Bennington, VT Bennington Banner, Monday, March 8, 1965

  • June 3, 1967
    Marine Capt. Stephen J. Perlin attached to NARTU perished in A-4B BuNo 142820 in a crash in East Lyme, CT
    Nashua, NH Nashua Telegram article (30 NE Accidental Deaths Recorded Over Weekend)

  • December 7, 1975
    Capt. Andrew James Ley (MARTD) ejected safely from his A-4E BuNo 150135 before it crashed in a wooded area near Colebrook, NH, after an unrecoverable spin.
    Des Moines, IA, Des Moines Register, Monday, December 8, 1975.

    Bruce the " Drew punching out " flight was a 4 plane ACM flight. My recollection was that Bernie was leading. The four fighter pilots were me , Drew, Bernie, and Warren. I was in a vertical with everyone aft when Warren comes up on the radio " Holy S*** Drew just ejected " ! All of us then hung around probably longer than we should have. Observed Drew walking down some Cow Hampshire logging road holding his parachute I think. Warren and I then hightailed it for Pease and landed on fumes. I think Bernie ended up tanking from one of the Pease air guard tankers and returned to Weymouth. Not totally confident in my recollections. I'm sure Drew, Bernie, and Warren can fine tune them. I'm with you - can't remember any accidents in the 1971 time frame!
    Dave Davhal

    Hi Dave and all. Good recall Dave. Pretty close. I was the lead and we were doing ACM ( I was ACTI) - defensive turns - Drew boy and BFB defending - Dave and Warren attacking - We forced overshoot - Dave and Warren went vertical - Dave over the top - with enough energy at start - Drew and I followed - not enough V for Drew and Warren - slice turn for me. We had double falling leaves (Drew and Warren)- fire out the intakes and all. Quite a frightening site.
    Drew came out of post stall gyrations in spin - Warren came out stable - We did see Drew and aircaft hit the ground - small fire ball - big hole. Drew was very lucky and avoided pine trees all around and landed in farmers field near small road (i'd say 1/100 odds. On second pass - very low - two cars facing each other in the road - Drew in the road waving holding his chute. All very near the Balsams which we could see on pull off also lucky landed in US very close to the Canadian Border.. Warren and Dave were low fuel and bingoed into Pease. I refueled with Air force Tanker out of Pease that was on station for another unit with a droug- retuned to site - and then back to Weymouth to explain.
    Drew has more takeoffs than landings but is here to tell the story. I was also ODO went Framer taxied to a one wire at NZW. As I said to both - "the important thing is you're here and the rest is all academic now, besides those A/C are fully depreciated anyway.".
    Bern Bradstreet

  • November 25, 1986
    Capt. Scott Moore (USMC) and GSgt. Ron Daignault ejected safely from TA-4J BuNo 155079 after it exploded, burst into flames and trailed wreckage for about 2,000 feet upon landing at NAS South Weymouth.
    US Armed Forces, , Thursday, November 27, 1986.

  • July 14, 1991
    Maj. John Rufo (USMCR) ejected safely before his aircraft plunged into Cape Cod Bay five miles off the mouth of the Cape Cod canal.
    Doylestown, PA, The Intelligencer ยป The Record, Monday, July 15, 1991

  • September 30, 1997:
    Base is closed due to the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Act of 1990 (BRAC), Public Law 101-510; as part of the BRAC Commissions 1995 Base Closure List (BRAC IV).

  • Nov.13, 2003:
    The 1,442-acre base is located in Weymouth, Abington, and Rockland MA. and is currently being considered for civilian develoment.

  • No data to date


Webmaster note:
Prior to 1970, reserve aircraft belonged to the local NARTU or Reserve Naval Air Station. Except for those squadrons on active duty, as in Korea, no reserve squadron "owned" their aircraft, as they were assigned to the NARTU/Station. In 1970, during that reorganization of the reserves into the "Reserve Force" concept, each new squadron was made independent of NARTU (later called NAR), and assigned either to CVWR-20 or CVWR-30. All squadrons were then made in the image of active duty units, with the reserve unit Commanding Officer owning the aircraft and reporting to the CAG. On this site you will find all era reserve combat aircraft images in the appropriate squadron photo page, and only non-combat support aircraft images in the reserve station photo page.

NAS South Weymouth Hanger.
Gary verver Collection.

Sunset over New England.

TV-2 Seastar
Gary Verver Collection.

  • David A. Weber
  • Gary Verver

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