Aircraft: A-4E
Custodian: VMA-311
Location: RSVN
Date: 1969
Photo credit: USMC
Contact: Robert H. Melville, JR.
Description: 1 of 3 - Major Robert H. Melville Sr. was flying a duty test hop in a Tomcat A-4E Scooter. Experiencing cockpit pressurization difficulties Bob descended to a low altitude on his way back to Chu Lai. Major Melville felt he was flying over an area that was free of Slope heavy weapons. Alas, he managed to find a Soviet 23 mm anti-aircraft site while trolling through the weeds. Bob was unscathed even though the hits were in close proximity to the cockpit.
Top view of Major Melville's stitched A-4E. Looking aft from the cockpit toward the tail. The inspection cover is blown away displaying some of the twisted rubble. Notice the shell holes stitching the top of the port air intake area.