Aircraft: A-4E
Custodian: VMA-311
Location: RSVN
Date: 1969
Photo credit: USMC
Contact: Robert H. Melville, JR.
Description: 2 of 3 - Major Robert H. Melville Sr. was flying a duty test hop in a Tomcat A-4E Scooter. Experiencing cockpit pressurization difficulties Bob descended to a low altitude on his way back to Chu Lai. Major Melville felt he was flying over an area that was free of Slope heavy weapons. Alas, he managed to find a Soviet 23 mm anti-aircraft site while trolling through the weeds. Bob was unscathed even though the hits were in close proximity to the cockpit.
Top close up view of Major Melville's wounded A-4E, looking forward toward the cockpit. Notice the fuel tank filler cap and the close proximity of the fuel tank to the shell holes under the missing cockpit fairing.