TA-4F [ EA-4F, OA-4M ]

TA-4F [ EA-4F, OA-4M ]

  • Two incomplete Echo airframes, BuNos 152102 and 152103, were taken off the A-4E production line and designated as TA-4E prototypes.

  • The fuselage was lengthened between the single seat cockpit and the fuselage fuel tank immediately behind it. The fuselage fuel tank was reduced in size from 810 gallons to 670 gallons.

  • Like the A-4F, the TA-4E was introduced with nose wheel steering and the Pratt Whitney J52-P8A/P8B engine,

  • The TA-4E was re-designated the TA-4F when it went into production.

  • BuNo 152102

  • TA-4Fs were converted to the OA-4M designation for FastFAC (Fast Forward Air Controller) missions in the Vietnam War. Basically, the OA-4M was a TA-4F equipped with A-4M electronics, plus additional communications gear: ARC-159, KY-28 secure voice.

  • The EA-4Fs were equipped with sophisticated electronic equipment for fleet training.

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